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OVR 3N-100-320-S P TS US / 2CTB811953R6900

Product ID: 2CTB811953R6900
Product Main Type: T2

OVR 1N-40-150-S P TS US / 2CTB811952R1500

Product ID: 2CTB811952R1500
Product Main Type: T2

OVR 1N-40-150s P TS / 2CTB813952R1500

Product ID: 2CTB813952R1500
Product Main Type: OVR T2 P / PMD / PUD

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Aggiornati: 2014-10-09

IECEx Certificate of Conformity

... SL4 1RS T: +44 (0) 1753 750 000 F: +44 (0) 1753 868 700 www.fmapprovals ... P*, R5, S1, SM1, SM2, SM3, SP0, SP1, SP2, T1, TC, TZ, TS, TA4, TA5 ...

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Aggiornati: 2014-05-07

OMD200, OMD300 and OMD800 automatic control units ...

... OMD200 and OMD300 updates New features − TBS back-switching can be either the same as TS switching delay or fixed 300 seconds. ...

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Aggiornati: 2011-12-16

Bells and Bells transformers - Modular DIN-Rail components ...

... The range includes TM and TS: TM ensures fail safe operations and excellent safety thanks to the perfect isolation and separation between the ...

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Type UL Type IEC

... VZCA2.E322885 G OVR PV XX 600 P (TS) U OVR PV XX 800 P (TS) U T2 Type IEC G OVR PV XX 1000 P (TS) U 40”C +80”C 40”F +176”F ...

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Aggiornati: 2013-02-06

Solar energy Protecting and isolating PV systems

... Network TT I Max Type Order code TT (3 + N) 25 OVR T 3N 25 255 TS 2CTB8 5 0 R0700 TT ( + N) 40 OVR T2 N 40 275 SP TS 2CTB803952R0200 ...

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Aggiornati: 2010-08-26

Insulation monitoring relay CM-IWS.2

... Closed-circuit principle ts = Start-up time, fixed, max. 10 s 2CDC 252 005 F0211 ... Invalid measuring result V T OFF Internal system fault OFF X OFF ...

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Aggiornati: 2014-07-17

ABB Turbocharging VTR

... not including water (with water add approx. 5%) CS = bearing compressor side TS = bearing turbine side ... 201 1 ABB T urbo Systems Ltd, Baden ...

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Aggiornati: 2011-08-11

SPAM150 Appl._EN_B

... In our example this means that we should count down 20 sec- onds in 8 hours, ie the countdown rate setting is ∆∑ts/∆t = 20 s / 8 h = 2.5 s / h. ...

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Aggiornati: 2003-03-31

Type AR Auxiliary Relay High Speed Instruction Leaflet

... Norm ally ope n stationary c ontac ts c re w s 3. M o v ing A rm a tu re 4. Us haped la m inate d c o re 5. A rm a tu re gap a d ju s tm e n t se t scre w 6. ...

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Aggiornati: 2008-09-24