Rise in energy demand underscores need for efficient use of resources

Global energy needs and the related emissions of gases held responsible for global warming will be 40 percent higher in 2030 than today, driven by economic growth in the developing world, according to the International Energy Agency.

Source: International Energy Agency
The challenge this poses is to deliver sufficient energy for equitable and secure social and economic development while avoiding environmental impacts that would compromise the capacity of future generations to enjoy the fruits of development.

Organizations with a focus on energy issues have identified energy efficiency as a foremost way of tackling the challenge. Highlights from the vast body of research published in recent years by international and non-governmental organizations include:
  • The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said in its 2007 report that in all the scenarios it considered for stabilizing the level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, "60-80 percent of the reductions would come from energy supply and use, and industrial processes, with energy efficiency playing a key role in many scenarios."
  • Setting the world on a sustainable path will require radical change, according to the International Energy Agency's 2008 World Energy Outlook. "We must usher in a global energy revolution by improving energy efficiency and increasing the deployment of low-carbon energy," said IEA director Nobuo Tanaka.
  • The electricity industry can contribute to sustainable development in a number of ways including by "maximising the efficiency and minimising the environmental impacts of the generation, transmission, distribution and use of the electricity in a cost-effective manner," a study produced for the United Nations Environment Programme says.

For additional links to international and non-governmental organizations, please see this page's right-hand column.

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