Soluzioni per miniere sotterranee

ABB is the only supplier of complete mine hoists, both mechanical and electrical parts.

Mine Hoist Solutions. By working closely with the customers, ABB has introduced a number of technological breakthroughs for mine hoisting such as state-of-the-art drive and control systems, hydraulic disc brakes, controlled braking, Rope Oscillation Control, etc. It has delivered more than 600 new hoists and undertaken the modernization of hundreds of existing plants.

Electric Trucks. ABB supplies electrical systems for underground mine trucks. In comparison with diesel trucks, the electric truck can maintain a higher speed, resulting in greater productivity as well as lower operating and maintenance costs while substantially improving the underground environment.

Mine Automation Solutions. To meet the increased demand for higher productivity, enhanced safety and a better environment underground, ABB can provide Mine Automation Solutions based on Industrial IT System 800xA, including haulage systems, crushers, conveyor belts, hoisting, ventilation fans, etc.

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