Thermal Mass Flowmeters

ABB’s Sensyflow series of thermal mass flowmeters is suitable for all industrial and test rig applications that demand quick and precise gas measurement. Sensyflow flowmeters directly indicate the mass flow or normalized volume flow of gases without any additional pressure and temperature compensation. The flowmeters have an impressively high accuracy, short response time and a very wide flow range with virtually no loss of accuracy even at the lowest flow rates.

Thermal mass flow meters provide a mass flow output without pressure or temperature compensation, making ABB an excellent choice in gas flow instrumentation

  • Modular design optimizes accuracy and reduces installation, commissioning, and maintenance costs
  • Up to four characteristic gas flow curves with only one single meter
  • Best in class response time and accuracy
  • Special units for process gas measurements in boiler control, biogas measurements, compressed air accounting, pharmaceuticals, pneumatics and food and beverage applications
  • High-performance units specifically designed for combustion engines, automobiles and paint robots

Sensyflow FMT200 Series
designed specifically for the measurement of compressed air
Sensyflow FMT200-ECO2Sensyflow FMT200-D
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DN 8 – DN251” to 3”
Flexible process connectionThreaded pipe components
Variety of output signals4-20 mA directly
Accuracy <3% of rateAccuracy <2% of rate

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Sensyflow FMT400 Series
are available in process and hygienic designs. A 4-20 mA signal is delivered directly from the sensor head, allowing quick and simple installation.
Sensyflow FMT400-VTS
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DN25 to DN3000 (and more)
Flanged pipe components
0/4-20 mA directly
Accuracy <1% of rate

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Sensyflow FMT500 Series
are suitable for harsh conditions and available with different protocols
Sensyflow FMT500-IG
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For gases in process applications
DN25 to DN3000 (and more)
Compact or remote versions
Accuracy <1% of rate

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Sensylfow FMT700 Series
are the high end solution of Thermal mass flowmeters
Sensyflow FMT700-P
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For air in test bench applications
DN 25 to DN 200
High end solution for quality management
Variety of output signals
Accuracy <1% of rate
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