Vortex and Swirl Flowmeters

The robust design of ABB’s vortex and swirl flowmeters provide high performance and reliability in liquids, gases and steam measurements. Equipped with digital signal processing (DSP) and advanced filtering techniques, these innovative flowmeters from ABB allow improved flow signal detection and provide measurement immunity from the effects of hydraulic noise and pipeline vibration. Ultimately, these flowmeters provide precise measurement without sacrificing low flow capability.

ABB's vortex & swirl flowmeters offer best-in-class flow measurement with the shortest upstream and downstream piping requirements.
  • Quick and easy transmitter exchange as all calibration data and parameter values are stored in a FRAM in the transmitter housing
  • Very low installation cost due to short straight sections on both the inlest and outlet sections
  • Direct mass flow output through compensation due to integrated temperature measurement
  • Unique swirl design eliminates low flow cut-off issues as well as the need for field installed reducers
  • Integral temperature sensor enables temperature compensated mass flow for saturated steam

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Liquids, gases and steamsLiquids, gases and steams
Karman Vortex StreetFrequency measurement
(Swirl Meter)
DN 15 - DN 300
(1/2" - 12")
DN 15 - DN 400
(1/2" - 16")
± 0.75 % of rate for liquids
± 1 % of rate for gases and steams
± 0.5 % of rate

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